Apart from the H2U Football Academy, Ogun State, mission, to scout and send 20 Talented Nigerian Players, to Europe by August, 2024, the Academy, is also developing talented Nigerian kids, of between the ages of 8 to 14 years.

Interested Nigerian Parents, are encouraged to send thier kids to H2U Football Academy, Ogun State, for proper nurturing, to enable them have a future professional career in football.

H2U Football Club, Lagos – RC 1936128, registered by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) of Nigeria, as a Private Company, limited by shares, H2U FOOTBALL ACADEMY GLOBAL LIMITED, on 30th May, 2022.

The Academy, has recorded success in various competitions,producing many talented players, who have many achievements in the sports sector.

The club is known for its excellent training facilities, world-class coaching staff and commitment to developing young talents.
Their Team’s success, is also due to its focus on teamwork, discipline and hard work.

H2U Football Club, has a strong reputation for producing players,who are not only skilled on the pitch but have a strong sense of sportsmanship and community spirit.

At H2U Football Academy, quality service delivery is key and part of their delivery process, hence the engagement of a Team of well experienced Coaches, spanning across every department of football.

They have a good Technical, Psychological, Youth Scouting and Talent Discovery Teams, with Trained Soccer Administrators, who have the required experience, on handling soccer training, making your children safe in thier hands.

The Mission of H2U Football Academy, is to discover Nigerian talented youths, provide them the opportunity to play football, regardless of funding, develop social, psychological, physical and tactical skills, which would prepare them, for Professional Teams, through pathways, created for them.

H2U Football Academy, Ogun State, has been involved in several activities before and after incorporation.

They have had several achievements and success in Alimosho League, Lagos, Ogun State, Rivers State and Lagos FA Cups, competing with clubs like ECAS FC, BUCKNOR FC,NISSI FC,NEWTOWN FC,FLYING WINGS FC, KOTECH FA, STANIQUE FC etc.

They also played at United Football Championship League in Lagos, winning the Synergy cup in 2022.

Thier players, have also taken part in several scouting programs @ Abuja, whereby 20 young talented Nigerian players, from the club, would be signed to play in Europe, before July, 2024.

H2U Football Academy, currently has 105 players ( 35 in Sango, Ogun State & 70 in Port Harcourt, Rivers State ),who are trained free of charge. Thier accomodations, feeding and other logistics are borne by the Academy.

Aside been fed three times a day by the Academy, the 105 players, are paid a monthly allowance.

H2U Football Academy, is in the process, of opening another Branch in Montero, Canada. This would help facilitate the movement of Young Talented Nigerian Footballers,to be easily signed in Nigeria, to go and fulfill thier career in Europe.

H2U Football Academy, Ogun State has a Football Pitch, with length of about 130 yards (120m) and width of about 100 yards (90m), already undergoing development.

Aside acquiring a 4 Hectares plot of land for #55,000,000( Fifty five million naira) only, they have also put in over #10,000,000( Ten million naira) only for it’s ongoing development.
They require about #45,000,000( Forty five million naira)only, to complete it and do the turfing to standard.

They also have a temporal Hostel Accomodations of a 4 Bedroom Bungalow was built by H2U Football Academy in Ogun State, at a cost of #4,200,000( Four million, two hundred thousand naira) only. This Hostel currently houses 35 Players. The Academy requires #25,000,000(Twenty five million naira)only, to complete a 2 Storey building, with 30 rooms, that can house 90 Players( 3 Players per room).

Meanwhile, the Academy has a rented twin 5 Bedroom Apartment, at Port Harcourt, Rivers State, at an Annual Rent of #3,000,000( Three million naira) only. This Hostel Accomodations, houses 70 Players of the Academy. The Academy, requires #500,000,000( Five hundred million naira)only, to acquire its own land & build a 2 Storey Building, as its Permanent Hostel.

In the past 4 years, they have contributed in Developing Sports & creating opportunities, for young talented Nigerian Players.

There is need for well meaning Nigerians, Philanthropists & organisations, to support this Academy.

You can be part of this success story by bringing your children for a future international career and sponsorship of our projects.

For further enquires, you can call 08143732460.

Prince Thomas Ifere
Director of Media,
H2U Football Academy,Ogun State.